Maybe you’ve had jewelry turn your skin a various color after you wear it. This happens usually with various jewelry that’s tight on your skin, including bracelets that are on the wrist, or even rings. But it can happen with anything. Don’t be afraid though! If your skin is discolored, chances are it’s not bad for you. This can be due to the pH of a person, or even how they react to various metals. We’ll go over why your skin turns green here, but other colors too, so you’re not worried. 


This is the most common and is because of the copper that’s present in some jewelry. This reacts with acids, salts, and various chemicals. The reaction creates copper chlorides, sulfates, sulfides, and carbonates too. While they do color the skin, they’re not going to harm you, and usually goes away in just a few days. 

You may wonder why some jewelry does this. 

This is due to the alloys in this. the metal is actually just metal, but instead there are various combinations, and this can definitely cause the skin to have a reaction. 

Sterling silver, or any gold that are not 24 karat gold will have alloys, most of which contain copper. 

Anything with copper can make the skin green, so it definitely can cause this. 

If you have a 14 or 18 k gold ring, it can happen, but there is a chance that it might not if it’s higher in karats, due to the presence of the gold that’s there, and causes less metal to be there. 


Why would your skin turn black after wearing a ring? 

Usually, it’s due to the tarnish that’s present on sterling silver jewelry. This tarnish happen when silver reacts with sulfur gases and liquids. Fine and sterling silver both have tarnishing, and you might experience this same tarnishing when you have water that’s got sulfur inside it.  hot tubs and the like also do this.

Keep also in mind that these silver alloys tend to tarnish no matter what, so if you don’t want that to happen, make sure to polish in order to maintain it. 

Usually, sterling silver along with gold alloys do this, and usually, combinations have this.  however, if you wear it a lot, it’s less likely to cause tarnishing, and leaving marks. However, some people may have tarnishing all the time. 


Red happens due to allergies or irritation. This can be metal, soap, sweat, or even lotion that’s there. this causes a reaction and it can irritate the skin.  Some people are allergic to specific metals and not others. If you find that you are allergic, just avoid the metal that’ll turn the skin red. 

Chromium and nickel are two very common ones that’ll cause the skin to react in this manner. 

It usually shows up in those base metals that are used with underplated surfaces. 

Various precious metals such as gold, silver and even platinum are far less likely to cause irritation, and they are less reactive. 

While white gold may not seem like an irritant, it does have nickel and may cause reactions. Also keep in mind that it isn’t just nickel and chromium, but other metals as well that can cause irritation of the skin. 

The best ways to prevent this is usually just not to wear the metal, or use renaissance wax, coatings or beeswax on the rings. This is good for those who love the jewels but can’t wear it due to reactions, as this creates a barrier. 

You also should make sure to reapply these too. 


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