Pearls are some of the most timeless, as they are ones that’ve been around for a long time. 8000 years in fact, discovered in a settlement called the Abu Dhabi pearl. In our day and age, you can get tons of jewelry that are pearls, including rings, bracelets and necklaces. The classic pearl necklace is one of the most iconic out there. They’re fashionable, which makes it the ideal choice, as they are both timeless, and also priceless too. They’re great for gifts for anniversaries, and longtime lovers adore them.

Hoop Earrings

Another timeless design that dates back to 2500 BC, and they’re definitely not just a fad. Another thing about them is that they’re simple and classic, giving it a practical, unique feel to it. Hoop earrings are good for drawing towards the face and are good for highlighting the features of a person. Because they’re so simple in design, they’re suitable for all occasions. There are different ways to wear these too, as the larger and far more ornate ones are good for statements. Smaller ones are the more prudent choice and will capture one’s eye while accentuating the beauty inherently in there.

Chain Necklaces and Bracelets

Chains are another fun one that’s seen a lot. They’re a piece that’s been around for millennia, probably as long as jewelry has existed too! The larger bulkier chains are a more recent trend, but the more delicate ones have become staples for wardrobes, standing tests of time. But wearing multiple chains in a style that’s layered achieves the real best of both worlds. Not only can you create jewelry boxes with chains alone, but basic in terms of gold and silver, and they are eye-catching with pretty much any outfit. They’re great for casual pieces, and so much more. Chains are delicate too, so they are good for offering a soft look. But don’t let the softness fool you. They’re good for work outfits, social functions, and even can make pendants stand out. Adding them to black dresses is great for special occasions. They also are good for busy outfits, as they’re an accent that doesn’t look bad.Chains are that one outfit piece that would have to take something excessive to go out of style and offer a luxury that other types of items may not, especially for the overall style and feel of the outfits that are at hand.

Lockets and Pendants

Finally we have pendants and lockets. They’re part of neck accessories, which are popular eternally. They are something that’s been around for millennia too, and also have been adorned with simple decorations such as beads and the like. They are good for practically any outfit, and while most of the pieces here are good additions, this takes it a step further. They are shorthand visual expressions. Even just a heart, some seashells, and even eyes can carry a type of significance to this. They can also have gems infused in them too. They’re simple, appropriate for both workwear and social settings, and usually offer a bolder, more layered look to them. For romantics, lockets are perfect gifts for those people. Lockets are good to remember people, creating a fun, timeless piece that you can enjoy as well.

Styling Gold Jewelry

Gold is a wonderful color, and many people like to wear it. However, it’s hard sometimes to put it all together, and you don’t want it to look pretty and boring. You want to make it the best that it can be, showing it all off. If you love gold jewelry, you’re not alone. Here, we’ll go over how to style it, so that you look your best!
Choosing the Main piece
Before you begin with your jewelry adventure, you want to style this with a focal point. This is a specific area that you wish to have people draw to when they see you. It communicates a bit about who you are as a person, so don’t be afraid to think about it. Some people wear too much, in a manner that’s not focused, or wearing something that clashes with other pieces that should be the focus. For instance, having a gold necklace and huge hoop earrings, it can be clashing, especially since they are quite a distraction. Try to focus the energy on a specific piece of jewelry that’ll really build up, standing above the rest. If you want the focus to be the necklace, wear subtle earrings. If you want it to be earrings, go with something that’s more subtle, or just don’t wear it at all. You can also use rings and bracelets. Remember, you don’t want to over accessorize, as this can make it look gaudy. If you want people to focus on another accessory like a scarf, consider more subtle rings and earrings. Another thing to consider of course though, is pairing it together. Maybe your goal isn’t a focal point. Instead, consider breaking the rules and pairing these pieces together with a theme or focus that you want to have. It also works as an aesthetic generally. For instance, using jewelry with some gemstones that are colored such as in earrings, rings, and the like, works great. This is especially true if you decide to coordinate the clothing as well.
Matching Gold to Any outfit
Gold is beautiful, but it does not work with all outfits that you have. Make sure that you consider this as a part of the wardrobe, and work with it so that it works with the accessories and clothing that you wear. For instance, dark yellows, reds, and oranges aren’t good for jewelry, as this will get lost. Neon colors will look tacky, but some people can pull it off. Black and white are the best for making stand out, as they are warm, and black and white of course, is neutral. Blue along with gold are good colors together, so dark blue works great with gold jewelry. When pairing jewelry with clothes, feel free to experiment, to see what’ll work for you the best. If you wish to go simple, you might want to spice things up with earrings, a bracelet or even a necklace too. If you want something more subdued, then consider a more deep, neutral color, as this will help with whatever outfit you’re putting on. You should also consider the focal point for this.Finally, don’t be afraid to mix and match, whether it’s jewelry pieces, clothing, or even mixing the metals together. Real gold looks expensive, and smaller solid gold and silver can really stand out. Rose gold works well with other golds. The key thing here is feel free to be creative, and design the wardrobe based on the metals that work best, and what’ll fit exactly the vibes that you’re going for. Have fun with it too.

The Best Pendant Styles

Pendants offer a unique, fun message. Worn all the way back to the stone age, they were used as talismans and amulets. But these days, they’re a tradition, showing multifaceted aspects of jewelry. Here, we’ll go over the different types of pendants that are popular, and top level styles.

Locket Pendants

They’re simple, striking, and look great. With simple designs including moons, stars, and even hearts, they’re perfect for keeping photos of others that mean the world to you. There are many open locket ones that can really stand out, giving you the best aspects that you can have, while also remembering others.

Rose Gold Pendants

Rose gold is shimmering and beautiful. They’re great for making bold statements, especially when put together with greens, whites, and the like.Delicate yet luminous, there are many designs, and you can even incorporate tulips that offer a rich, more gorgeous color than before. Silver contrasts for the chains offer a lovely design. Pair it with some matching earrings to look your best when dressed up.

Gemstone Beaded necklace

While pendants are great in them themselves, adding a necklace to this and some beads can really create a striking beauty. Combining silver with gemstones that are vivid can really shine. The pendants that are on this are complimented with some lovely, beaded gemstones, creating the ultimate pendant necklace, and also shows that you can have more than just one pendant.

Gold Pendant Necklace

Simple, yet to the point, yellow gold is gorgeous, and it also looks striking against skin that’s tanned, white blouses, and even if you go to the beach. It also works well during the colder sort of months, as they offer a warmth that may be needed in the cooler outfits. Many solid gold ones have other gemstones in them, such as our example with tsavorite. This is one that looks good throughout the year, and with the tsavorite in the middle, it creates a simple, stunning design.

Eco Friendly Pendants

Want to also make choices that benefit the earth? Well this eco friendly piece is one that’s good, and also encourages less harm to the planet on all fronts. This unique piece is great as a sustainable piece. There are unique features to these, and some even feature coral reef designs. The coral reefs are in danger, but with this, you can remember the beauty of the planet. With many of these pieces, they’re made in a way where nothing is hurt, and there’s safe and sustainable mining happening. So you can feel good while also protecting the planet from further harm too!

Pearl Necklaces with Pendants

Pearls are a timeless piece, and pendants are even more beautiful and striking when paired together. It creates an effect that’s more elegant and beautiful, as real pearls really shine. These pearls are sparkling, and really offer a way to spice up anything. Whether it’s a dress that’s simple, or even just some work clothes, they can make something feel fancier. They offer old world elegance to any outfit and can be the perfect contrast between old and new.


Sometimes, you just need a pendant to be on their own, without anything else added. This is a unique type of pendant, as it may seem simple until you look at the pendant, a bright, striking centerpiece that anyone can enjoy. This is something that’s small enough to look delicate, but also is eye-catching, and is perfect for all outfits. Pairing it up with earrings that match the design really makes it shine, in ways it did not before.

Best Emerald Rings to Pick

Emeralds offer an allure of drama within every facet. It’s calming, tropical, and a show-stopper, perfect for your eyes. Here, we’ll go over the best ways to pick out emeralds, whether it’s for engagement rings or something else that will get the attention of multiple generations.

Pick Good Greens

A good green does symbolize abundance, love, and a togetherness that’s eternal. With different hues that range from limes to yellow greens to even blue greens, exceptional emeralds usually go from dark tones as well to even a bluish green. Always listen to the heart when you choose these, and you will want one that really shows off sophistication and allure.

The Jardins

One thing that’s unique about emeralds is the fingerprints that are there, known as Jardins. Even the most beautiful top-level gemstones have some kind of Jardin, a little fingerprint that’s like a garden. They are inclusions, crystals, and needles, and they feature that time stamp present on the gem. The best emeralds are a vivid green that’s translucent, and a color that has internal clarity within each of the features inside.


One thing that emeralds do get, are treatments. Some are permanent like resin filling. Others like oiling and baby oil aren’t totally permanent. They’re common, which are used to boost the salability. One thing that happens with emeralds is that when they are not treated, they actually increase in their sale price. Some of those blue green ones do get auctioned at high levels of prices. So if you want a high level emerald, you want something that’s not super treated. If you’re wondering what type of treatment you’re getting on this, get a certificate upon purchase, as this will play a major price in the gem’s pricing and role of such.

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Location, Location

Finally, let’s talk about location. Another major factor is where they get mined. The best of the best get mined in South America, specifically Columbia. When they’re known for clarity and color, usually the towns of Muzo and Chivor do have a great quality to them, that’s transparent and a unique bluish green gem to this. Another place that’s popular to mine as well are Zambia and Brazil, as they offer commercial types of gems with a lighter color and tone to this. Ethiopia also has some vivid green gems that are popular too. Some people are mining this in that locale. Green natural emeralds are hard to really beat, as they’re so rich, providing a color that rivals Aphrodite’s eyes. emeralds are one of the best gemstones out there, and when you splurge, till sparkle. We have a collection of unique gems that’s customized for a variety of needs. Whether it’s engagement rings, or even just a necklace, you can get a ring that has this gemstone that’s thrown in there. If you’re someone who wants this gemstone, but has no idea where to begin, you’re not alone. In fact, many people struggle with where to buy these gemstones. That’s why, if you’re looking to get one, consider all of these factors. However, the biggest thing to remember is that while the colors are nice, you should also pick out gems that do speak to you completely. When you do that, you’ll be able to find the ideal gemstone that’ll fit your needs. Once that’s done, we take care of the rest and we will as well, through this, craft the best and most ideal sort of stone for your needs, no matter what it might be. We’ll help build the best stone that we can which you’ll love too.